Friday, March 15, 2013

Wise words from Brother J.R., FFV, superior of the Franciscans of Life, about how we should react to our new pope and accepting the differences between Pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI:

"The pope is not our property. We must not try to own him.

The pope is a person and deserves the same respect as any other person.

The pope has a right to freedom. Any attitude, any wish, any desire that imposes our will, our desires, our wishes on his person is a violation of his right to freedom. We do not violate another person's right to freedom, anymore than we want our freedom violated.

The pope binds and unbinds. We do not. Whatever he chooses to bind and unbind, is is up to us to adapt, not him.

His Holiness is a Jesuit. He is not a secular pope as have been all of our popes this past 100 years. He's a regular priest. He has a right to live out his Jesuit vocation, even as pope. Canon Law and theology protect this right. It is we who must get used to the Jesuit way of doing things.

His Holiness has a spirituality, ecclesiology and and worldview that are his own. We have no right to invade that or expect that he accommodate to our own. A servant is not the same as property.

Finally, the Holy Father is not a lab rat that should be put under observation by us. He is a human being with dignity and should be respected as such."

From Catholic Answers Forum