Friday, January 13, 2012

Blog of the Week - The Deacon's Bench

The Deacon's Bench, which is updated nearly daily, is by Deacon Greg Kandra of the Diocese of Brooklyn. He is the executive editor of ONE, the magazine of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association. Deacon Kandra was a writer and producer for CBS News in New York and Washington for 26 years.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Blog(s) of the Week

I have a huge list of religion blogs that I visit regularly. I'll try to regularly highlight some and add them to my blog roll. I've started it with a few already such a Aggie Catholics (the blog of the Catholic Campus Ministry at Texas A&M (a.k.a. the largest Catholic University in Texas)), Get Religion (a great look on how the media doesn't "get religion" and regularly mis-reports religion stories), and What Does the Prayer Really Say (the wonderful blog of the ineffable Father Z).

(Second) First Post!

Well, this didn't work out the first time.

I've deleted the handful of posts I did make (mostly links to other people's blogs) and decided to try to start over. Maybe this time I'll actually post regularly.

No promises.